• laikawriting

What Is The Thing That Haunts Us The Most?

We've all got demons under our beds; skeletons in our closets. Roses and it's thorns in our hearts; we try to hide them. Throw them away but somehow, they always find their way back. I've often wondered where things we forget actually go. Do we ever actually irrevocably forget them? Maybe, we just shut them behind closed doors. Lock them behind a million locks and yet somewhere in the back of our minds we are aware of them. That brings me back to the question "what is the thing that haunts us the most?" In my opinion, it's most definitely our mistakes. We are all human. Humans make mistakes. That's what makes us human. We weep and apologize; beat ourselves up blue and black. We learn from them. Then eventually we forgive ourselves. We try our best to lock them away and move on.

But you know what, the key to that lock is secured around the neck of that person who you hurt most because of that one silly, stupid, little mistake. They open up the damn door whenever they are hurting. Whenever they need something to be angry about; Click! The door flies open. Flooding out your embarrassment, your self loathing and before you know it; bam! You're in the spiral again. Those mistakes might not haunt you through your own head but they'll always haunt you through theirs. Can you complain? No. Can you be angry? No. It's your mistake. You cannot whine about them unlocking the door. You're the guilty one. Trapped until they choose. Punished until they're satisfied. Haunted. For how long? You never know.