• Georgina Melendez

The Writer’s Life: Living With A Writer and Becoming One

I have a vivid memory as a little girl where I can still hear the old typewriter clicking for hours as my mom poured out heart-wrenching poetry and some really incredible stories on to paper. She taught me that writing is an art and if you are born with that gift, you should pursue it fully.

I watched her life as a writer and I am still in awe of how long she would write for. Hours would go by and the typing hadn’t stopped. With hands sore, the words would pour out like water. And in the end, she would have a masterpiece in her hands.

It has been almost a year since I took the ice cold plunge myself and started writing again. I wasn’t sure if I could make it through one hour let alone a few. But to my surprise, I feel like I’m walking out in my purpose in a way that I never thought possible.

I wake up every morning with the desire to write and share it with the world. But I will tell you this, it’s not all buds and roses. It’s HARD WORK and if you’re not willing to put in that work, you won’t get anywhere.

I am learning to discipline myself in a way that I have never known and it feels so good. Even when I don’t feel like it, I put myself in front of my laptop and start writing. I am learning that a good writer is not always going to feel “inspired” to write. A good writer will write until they are inspired and from that place keep on writing.

My advice to you, my fellow writers, is be ready for anything. Try to have a few close supporters on your side and always, always, always have a good cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer) as you write. You will realize that it is the little things that will make a difference in your pursuit of a writing career.

Don’t stop writing and I’ll see you at your book signing!