• ReBecca DeFazio

Sacred Serpent Fire Writing & Healing Sessions:

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Happy Sunday everyone!! I wanted to share something new that is being offered in the writing/poetry community today! It's called a Sacred Serpent Writing/Healing session and I just did one with this amazing boss babe, Samantha Rose and I loved it! I think that Sam has a lot to offer and I wanted to share more about it because I truly believe that it's such a great thing that you can do for yourself or even for a friend! You can check out a blog about my personal experience after completing a session here!

If you keep reading, you can see that I put together a few questions for Sam to give you some more info about these sessions, hopefully making it even easier for you decide to give them a try!

ReBecca: Give me a little summary of your intentions for the sessions in general.

Samantha: The Sacred Serpent Writing/Healing sessions are a one-on-one session with me as a mentor, guide, writing coach for the time a client has selected. My intention is to create a safe space where we can self-examine and address what is going on, which will, of course, vary from person to person.

Whether it’s creative/personal blockages, personal trauma, the fear of writing about something in particular that we know we need to, or just needing support or a writing mentor, my intention is to be a loving guide and backboard to creatives (of all types, but especially writers) so that they can move from a place of fear or stagnancy to a healthy juicy flow of creativity. And it’s not that we need to be creating constantly. Even if we’re not creating, we should still be growing, learning, flowing within ourselves. But sometimes all of that can also become still, therefore holding up our creative flow as well.

I’m here to keep my clients flowing, growing, and nurtured. But also to help get them back on track to do all of this for themselves. I will always guide my powerful clients back to themselves because we all have the tools within us. Sometimes we need someone to echo back to us what we already know, sometimes we don’t know how to get to where we want to be/go, sometimes we need a loving push and don’t have that support in our daily lives. I’m here to stir the creative pot utilizing various healing modalities, writing itself, healing conversation, and sacred sounds. Sometimes I may even pull an oracle card if I feel called. It’s a pretty intuitive process based on the needs of my clients.

R: What made you want to create these sessions?

S: Not everyone can afford MFA’s but still need writing support. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but wanted to do it in my own way and not in a traditional classroom (although I love being in there too). I’ve taught before and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. One of my goals is to foster community as someone who has often felt that was lacking in my life. I am currently doing this with Pussy Magic and knew that I wanted to be offering myself more to others as healing support. I’ve also benefited from mentors in my life who encouraged me to share my gifts with others. I know that my kind of support is unique: I’m nurturing, I am open about myself as well, I encourage people in ways that regular traditions may not. This is a sacred safe space to me that I want to create, and I also aim to extend these to group sessions and workshops in the near future.

R: What do you hope they can accomplish?

S: I hope my sessions with my clients encourage them to express themselves without fear. That’s truly the goal. To write and create and live their truths. We all are bombarded by our fears daily and it can take a lot of work to free ourselves from those shackles. Often times I’ll hear someone say, “well, I’m not really a writer, but…” or that they don’t make the time for the creativity that calls them. It just seems like this dormant place inside for some. I want to wake it up! Also to offer my services to those who also might be new to their craft, or afraid to explore it, so they can have that safe container to explore and contemplate in and move forward fearlessly into the creative wild that awaits them. I deeply believe in arts being incredibly healing, especially writing. Not everyone wants to go to school but they could use a cheerleader, a teacher, a guide to support them through the work. So I hope that through my sessions, my clients become or continue to be creative powerhouses who put their much-needed voices into the world!

R: How fulfilling are these sessions for you?

S: My fulfillment is definitely based on how deep my client and I go and how THEY feel coming out of a session. That is what matters. If they are positively impacted and inspired, so am I. I am continually studying, growing, and learning myself so that I can be the best support I can be. Teaching, working with others, and leading has always been deeply fulfilling for me, which is a large part of why I’m offering myself this way, and I am so grateful to those who have opened themselves up to me, trusted me, and supported my work.

If you want to purchase a session with Sam, just click here! I really would recommend that you do & if you do or are planning to, I'd love to hear about it! You're welcome to leave any comments below! Please be sure to follow Sam, as well! She is on Instagram and Twitter!