• laikawriting

No one can understand us besides us.

and yet again you appeared in my dreams,

with your eyes filled with tears.

screaming at me,

that you love me still.

and yet you are nowhere to be found

when i wake up.



gasping for breath.

i know i love you

but, do you feel the same

about that i have no clue.

if you do,

why have you chosen this life of pain

and endless suffering upon us two?

did you not consider

how we'd live with a heart and soul split in two?

how will we spend this life

pretending nothing existed...

faking smiles and hiding tears...

nothing would heal us,

didn't you worry?

and if you never did love me,

why did you ignite this flame in me,

only to leave me burned in ashes?

surely that couldn't have been your intention.

then why, i ask. i beg you to tell me....

why did you chose this fate for us?

i cannot speak of my pain

or say what my heart yearns to tell

because no one would understand.

do you see what you have done?

cursed us forever...

cursed to feel pain and only having each other to understand,

but never getting the chance...

i wish i could hug you one last time,

and speak everything i held back...

i wish after that i could sleep forever,

just to be with you a little longer...

no fights,

no distance.

just profound silence,

with the promise of being in my personal heaven,

in that hell i would gladly dive in.

just to be with you a little longer...

a little longer...