• Sithara Palavar

Music Poetry Prompt #5

Happy Friday everyone!! We’re back with another fun little piano prompt! Much like the last one, this doesn’t have any lyrics, but if you want a song with lyrics the alternative version of the song will be linked below as well.

We would love to see what comes out of this prompt so please be sure to tag @iampoetrymagazine in your work and use the hashtag #iapmweeklyprompts. This is just a little writing exercise so remember to have fun with it!

There's just a few guidelines:

1. Works do not need to include anything specific.

2. The song title or lyrics may be referenced.

3. Remember to enjoy yourself!

This week’s prompt is Where’s My Love (Piano and Viola Version) by SYML or Where’s My Love (Alternate Version) by SYML.

Prompt will be running from the 4th of October to the 10th of October.