• Georgina Melendez

Mental Health and Writing

Mental health stigma has become a very talked-about issue in our society in

recent years. Many struggle alone because of fear of what people will say or do.

Those facing mental health issues find that they're often misunderstood and

even demonized from the people they love. But I'm happy to report that the

tide is slowly changing, and it's happening right here in our very own writing


Mental health awareness and advocacy is sweeping the writing community off

its feet, and it is a sight for sore eyes. I have experienced close hand such an

incredible vulnerability from writers who have taken to their platform to write

about the journey of mental health. Their candor has created a perpetual

discussion amongst writers and others, and the momentum is only getting


Many of us, including myself, struggle daily with anxiety and depression, and I

can say with complete certainty that writing saved my life. Where there once

was a bottomless pit of pain, is now a well of gratefulness where I get to share

my words with others. Writing has given many people a voice to speak to

others about mental health without feeling embarrassed or judged.

It is true; writing is being used as a weapon to fight the stigma that comes with

mental health. We are making strides with our words, and we are winning. Be it

through an article, a poem, a blog post, or spoken word; we are making a

lasting change that will affect our generation and those that are to come after

us. Let our words be known for kindness and strength and let us continue to

advocate for mental health with the power of the written word.