• kendrapiper

Inside A Writer’s Purse

Writer’s are magical creatures, and it isn’t easy being one, let’s be honest. So here are some tools I carry around for whenever the words start flowing; aiding in the writing process.

1. A book; always a staple. Every writer needs to find inspiration somewhere, most of us find it in the pages of a book.

2. Old movie receipts. Sometimes we need to give our minds a rest.

3. Advil. For when we critique our work so much we end up giving ourselves a headache.

4. Lip balm. The words dry out, so do the lips.

5. Notes from your therapist. Let’s keep it real, most of us need one.

6. Sunglasses. To block out all the shade other writers throw when you write straight fire. I’m just kidding, for the most part writer’s are incredibly supportive of each other.

7. Hand sanitizer. Your hands will sweat when you’re writing for hours, it’s best to keep them smelling fresh.

8. Gum. Personally it keeps me from smoking, which can be another writer’s trait. This stuff is stressful sometimes.

9. Words aren’t the only thing that flows.

10. A stress relieving essential oil roller. I wasn’t joking when I said this can be stressful.

11. A book mark. My daughter made me this one. If we’re reading all the time we need bookmarks!

12. Backup lip balm.

13. A pen and notepad. Usually, we just use the notepad on our phones but it’s called aesthetics.