• Georgina Melendez

I Want My Body Back

There is a room I unlocked last night where a flush of screams could no longer be unheard. Found again in the valley of decision, I press against the veil of years, “I want my body back!” I exclaim. Eyes clenched with hot tears departing, I break into myself. I have never said those words before; I never knew that I had lost my body to food, and it’s consequence. Why is it that so many candles have been blown out, and it’s until now that I am shifting? The truth is, I have always known but turned a blind eye to the wax seeping into the cream because I wanted my cake slice. I don’t wish to impress another(or maybe I do) but its actually this; I want to be here for my family, I need too. Clear mind, clear body, fully acquitted. My whole life, I poured myself into the mold of a cookie-cutter tray, produced of sugar and fat, always craving to be the “ideal” total on the measuring gauge but not anymore. What I long for is, “I want my body back!” I am so much more than what this ocular-consumed society perceives. Not many will understand the wend or the why, but I’m okay with that, and you should be too.