• misspuvi1808


The next time you leave I won't stop you

and you're wrong if you thought that I would hold back. However much I breakdown and crumble apart

like flaky paint I'll take a deep breath and watch you slip out of

my fingers and shaky hands. Hands that are tired of having to hold on for too long that it feels like lead. With tears brimming in my eyes, eyes that never would've seen this coming salty tears at the ready to fall on my bleeding heart. Heart that will forever carry parts of you till it stops beating I'll endure the pain of detachment one last time. I'll watch you leave; a human sized shadow becoming a tiny speck and fading into the darkness I'll be right here, reminding myself to breathe For I simply lack the strength

to do anything else. And yes, I'll let you leave this time. And darling, I'll lock the door and throw the key because no one is welcome in anymore. Not even you. And you will miss the home I had built for you for us

And someday,

when you knock, it'd be too late.

Too late. You'll sit on the porch of the

home I've built

pondering and kicking yourself for letting me go.

You'll be homeless.