• ReBecca DeFazio

Dear Mirror & The Woman Behind it.

Book review & peek inside the heart of the woman who wrote it; Madison Gonzalez.

Madison is an "Empowerment Poet" as she states in her Instagram bio boldly and accurately. Her IG page is a showcase for all of her empowering and strong pieces. Luckily enough, I stumbled upon her while browsing through the world of writing and poetry that has grown inside of Instagram. She is a truly sweet and fiery soul; her passion for giving women a voice is both beautiful and inspiring. She is not a bit afraid of speaking her mind when it comes to all kinds of topics which you can find to be true just by reading a few of her posts as well as her book, “Dear Mirror.”

Dear Mirror has four parts, Convex, Refraction, Concave, and Reflection. It starts off in the first section, Convex, dealing with a lot of pain, heartache, self-doubt, and insecurity. Her words are relatable and well thought-out. In Refraction, she slowly begins her journey with healing, cleansing, growth, and self-acceptance. She is just as raw and honest in these pieces as she is in the last section. Maybe even more so, in my opinion. You can judge for yourself when you read it but for now, read this this poem below. She writes,

“healing hurts

it aches

it itches

you’ll have to sit

on your hands to

stop picking

those scabs

but the scars that remain

after all of that pain

will be the cracks through

which your





When I asked her how much healing writing this book brought her, she replied so beautifully and honestly,

“Diving into some of the darkest parts of my life brought them to the surface. It’s easier to see yourself more clearly when you bring the hurt to light. Sitting with and expressing these emotions and beliefs through writing has changed my life.”

You can feel the emotion in her words and how much she truly believes in them; she’s been through it and she’s learned from it! Real growth and healing has come from writing down the words that she most needed to get out of her system as well as the words she most needed to hear.

As we go into Concave and Reflection, we really see how growth, forgiveness, and rebirth continues to be the big theme of this book but also, postpartum depression. When we spoke last week, I mentioned one particular postpartum depression piece… “You have one poem that truly hits hard about postpartum depression… I also went through it and it is rough! I love the message and I thought you could just share a little about your experience and what you want your readers to really get out of that poem?” She dives into the question beautifully and honestly,

"For two years, I battled severe postpartum depression and anxiety. Most people wouldn’t know it because every picture or post or interaction with me seemed positive and happy (I️ became a pro at hiding how I️ was really feeling) but honestly, I was completely overwhelmed and I didn’t feel like myself at all for a really long time. From day one, I started having frequent crying spells, it became hard to be happy anymore and I was constantly feeling stressed and trapped."

She goes into even more detail...

"About six months in, I️ started having daily panic attacks and despite at least 4 trips to the doctor I just wasn’t getting any better. I would call my husband all the time crying and say, “I️ just can’t do it anymore.” I felt hopeless and I wondered if all of this was just how it was going to be and who I️ was now."

Thankfully she had an amazing support system, her husband, family and friends were by her side and were able to get her the resources and also give her the time she needed to get better. She says she has "humbled herself down" from thinking she would be the perfect stay at home mom and that it was okay for her life to be different than how she thought it would be. She thanks a job that she loves, the right combination of medication, a good schedule for her family, and the opportunity to speak to the right people for getting her mental health in a much better place.

"I want to encourage any mother experiencing this to know you are not alone. Reach out for help immediately. I need you to know it will not last forever and never, ever blame yourself."

Her bravery and strength is truly incredible! As we moved forward, we talked about self care and spending time in nature. She thinks both are very important. She loves the ocean and believes it’s a great place to slow down. “Fast-paced society causes us to forget that nature is filled with intricacies; beauty and inspiration. I invite you to sit and just watch a tree in the breeze for 10 minutes straight…” She loves to give herself fresh starts when it comes to taking care of herself, adoring detox everything; juicing, salt baths, saunas, fasting, etc. She believes that self care starts with giving herself permission to truly take time for herself; filling her cup so she can then pour into others.

She says she has more projects coming soon as well! She plans to continue to write, speak, and start a coaching business in the near future which I think is amazing. I cannot wait to see how her plans unfold! Thank you again, Madison for "sitting down" with me and letting us get to know you a little bit more!

You can buy Dear Mirror, here, on Amazon now! I absolutely recommend that you pick up a copy and dive into it's pages; it's such a beautiful book! Madison thanks everyone who purchases her book and is so happy that all her dreams are coming true! Make sure, if you get a copy to send a photo to her DMs!