• ReBecca DeFazio

Creating Relatable Poetry.

Opening your heart and soul To Your Readers.

Poetry is more than just another genre; something that is just entertaining to read. It is full of emotion; of heart and soul. The best kind of poetry is relatable and moves you to feel things that you might have been avoiding or weren’t sure how to feel. It is everything that you wish you could say written in the most incredibly heartbreaking, beautiful, or perfect ways. This is why people love it.

If you want to create poetry that is relatable and moves people… here are a few tips to help you!

  1. Do some soul searching. Seriously. A lot of the time when poets create these incredibly relatable poems it’s because they themselves have been sitting in their feelings and because they have done that, they are able to pull those feelings out and put them somewhere else.

  2. Be vulnerable. If you are nervous to share a piece of poetry because you think it’s too personal, chances are that is exactly the kind of piece that your readers are looking for. Try writing through stream of consciousness. Sometimes we believe that we have nothing to say because we over-think it. Just write. Without really thinking too much; let the words flow out of you, unedited and unfiltered. Once you’ve written for 10 minutes. Go through it. You might find something incredible hiding within that stream.

  3. Don’t force it. Really. It won’t help. If you are not feeling the words, then go back a tip and try writing stream of consciousness for a while!

  4. Practice. Practice writing, of course..but more importantly practice sharing the real, the raw, the honest. Practice being the most authentic you can be because that will help your writing more than anything else, I believe.

  5. Finally, write for yourself. What poems make your heart ache? Feel full? What poems make you cry? Make you feel heard? Nurture your love for writing and create for yourself. Not just for your readers.

Remember that not everyone is born an incredible writer. Writing is a craft as much as it can be a talent. The more that you practice, the more that you are willing to put into your love for words, the more that you read, and get to know yourself… The better you will become at creating and sharing those words.

I hope that these tips are helpful and if you find that they were and wrote something you’d like to share, please do! You can tag me @morethanaflower (on Instagram), in your work and I will check it out!

Thank you so much for reading and good luck with all your writing endeavors!