• Amy Littleford

Call Yourself a Writer

When I was growing up, writing was seen as a hobby and nothing else. So today, I'm telling you that things change. Be the writer you have always dreamt of being.

It took me 5 years to finally accept that I was going to be a writer. For years it was only a hobby that I enjoyed, but of course I never thought seriously about it. It was never encouraged in school and barely any place on the curriculum for it. I remember the first piece of writing I did that I was proud of. It was called ‘Where You Left Me Standing'. It was the first time that I even considered a future in writing. Even then I wasn't sure. There was a cloud surrounding ‘writers' that I couldn’t get past. I was always encouraged to get a ‘proper' job that would pay the bills and keep me feeling safe and secure. All that left me with was a list of careers that, one by one, I was able to cross off. A resounding no. I was searching for something that I wasn’t going to find. I’d stay away from pen and paper as if that was a waste of my time. One day I stopped searching. I was getting tired of all the jobs I ended up hating. I was approached by an author, a poet to be exact, who shone a light on me that opened my mind to the possibility of being a writer, author, poet. They encouraged me to write. Can you believe that is all I needed? Someone to tell me that I could do it. All the advice I had gotten had led to this day. Just write. Write every day. I took there advice and ran with in. I write every day and I work on my craft because I have a passion that I hid for too long.

I can call myself a writer. Not because I’m anywhere near being a famous author/writer but because I write. All you need is the belief in yourself that you can do this. So, what I’m telling you is that I believe you can.

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