• misspuvi1808

Brittle Things Break

Have you ever wondered the reason you break easy could maybe be because you try to be cold and hard? - Brittle

Yes, shutting out seems easy. Pretending to turn off emotions seems easy. Being cold seems easy..and safe. But for how long? And why oh why, despite trying so hard to be that way, do you still, not just break but shatter? Shatter into a million pieces.

Where'd you go wrong? This wasn't how it was supposed to be, was it? You were supposed to be whole; protected from it all. But darling, the thing is, you weren't made this way; this isn't your nature. And when you go against nature, you might, for just a little while feel strong, but it's temporary because nature will find a way to kick reality into you. So, if it means it has to break you, it will. But those cracks, sweet girl, those cracks are through which you're going to slowly bloom back into your true self; to who you are; warm and gentle, not cold and hard. Because brittle things break..eventually. And you don't deserve to be broken and stay that way.