• Amy Littleford

Book Review: Pillow Thoughts 3 by Courtney Peppernell 

Rating: 4/5 stars 🌟

"I am no more the person that you left than you are the person I miss." - Courtney Peppernell

I really enjoyed Courtney Peppernell's first two books, Pillow Thoughts and Pillow Thoughts 2: Healing the Heart, of this series and knew straight away that I would love Pillow Thoughts 3: Healing the Mind. I liked how it was about our mind rather than our heart like the other two. As it says in the book our heart and mind should work as one!

I always have revelations while reading Courtney's books and this one really helped me sort a few problems out in my head. It took my longer to read only because I'm in a bit of a reading slump at the moment. I basically read a chapter a week!

The art work as always is beautiful and I liked the introduction of the owl as they have a personal meaning to me. (And my boyfriend calls me Jelly!) I look forward to reading more of Courtney's books in the future and really recommend other to read this series!