• Amy Littleford

Book Review: If You Cannot Find Her by Shee

Rating: 3.75/5 stars 🌟

I have read Shee's writing for a while on Instagram and was so happy that she brought a book out, titled If You Cannot Find Her! I've been trying to write my own for a while so know how hard it is.

I really liked the introduction that Shee put at the beginning of the book as it allowed us to personally connect with her before starting to read her poetry and prose. She really sets you up with what to expect and is so humble about her talent. After reading this book I feel so proud of Shee to be able to share such painful memories and feelings with her readers. There is a mix of long and short form which adds a wave like effect to the book. The pieces of art on every other page really adds a nice addition to the writing.

My favourite thing about this book was that there is interactive parts where you fill in the blanks which is the first book I've seen this in and I loved it! It made me feel more invested and got us to really connect to the words.

The reason I have rated this book just under 4 stars is because I found it very emotionally draining which made me read it a lot slower. I relate to a lot of the emotions in the book but I have been through many years of healing from these things so it felt like a step backwards to being reading such painful emotions. Most poetry anthologies I have read have a light at the end of the tunnel moment which this book doesn't have. Having said this I really did enjoy reading this anthology and Shee has done an amazing job with her debut anthology!