• Amy Littleford

Book Review: Feminitch by Chloe Winstanley

Rating: 3.75 🌟

Firstly, I'd like to thank Chloe Winstanley for gifting me a copy of her book for an honest review! I love reading indie authors and as it was IndieAugust I thought it was the best time to read it! I love the dedication and the quotes at the beginning of the book and think they set up the book nicely. I feel like putting the definition of feminism at the beginning of the book is really important to understand the CORRECT definition.

Just from the first few pages I was feeling empowered! With the first chapter 'Feminitch', I felt that it was in the wrong place in the book. The second chapter 'Healing is a Lie' is a lot more emotional and it is more relatable; we see the reason behind why she feels so strong about feminism and equality. I'd even go as far as suggesting 'Feminitch' becomes the second chapter and 'Healing is a Lie' become the first. I felt that having 'Feminitch' as the first chapter, felt like an attack before we could understood why. Women have struggled at the hands of men which Chloe has clearly been through but without any context it was hard to understand the depth of it all.

With this being said, I enjoyed many of the poems throughout this book and related to a lot of them.  Chloe is a very skilled writer and her feelings come across strong and powerful. I think the dedicated poems are really sweet. I love what Chloe stands for and her book sends a message to everyone that equality is important and everyone should really be listening to her!

Check out one of my favorite poems from the book:


A stray chin hair

skin that isn’t perfect

training my brain

to see

the natural beauty in my reflection, 

and not what a

money hungry industry 

wants me to think 

I see 

chipped nails

short lashes 

hey, beauty industry 

you can’t have my


Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear what you thought of the book if you've read it; leave a comment below!

(Photo credit: Chloe Winstanley)