• Amy Littleford

Book Review: Anchoring Me by Nicole Hartley

Rating: 5/5 stars! 🌟

It was two years ago when I first read this book and I loved it then. For Nicole's Birthday she released an edited version of her book, Anchoring Me, that I loved even more! This book literally broke my heart. It tells the story through poems/letters for an ex. I have a paperback copy of the original book and couldn't help comparing it to the new version. The added poems add so much to this story. I really loved what Nicole did the with Button Up/ Button Down poem as it gave it so much more depth and I actually had tears in my eyes. The amount of emotion poured into this book is amazing and it explores so many of them. Grief, heartbreak, anger, guilt and so much more! The front cover is so much brighter and the layout inside is great. The font is nice and normal size. It has much more of a polished feel. Also a huge thank you to Nicole for mentioning me in the acknowledgements!