• Haley Kaelin

August Prayer


earth’s ode to summertime

will soon turn to September.

Soon it will be a year

one whole year of misery

a roundabout misery.

It is raining

in the summertime

the breeze glides

the raindrops fly

freeform under thunder

and sunshine.

A band of crickets

make sound

a bond in deliverance

lovely, and harmonious.

(I try to make the metaphors of regeneration mean something:

Maybe people move away

to colder places to make

starting over a little easier)

Is god listening

when I take this summertime dirt in my palm

and cry out for a sign

a reason to reach in any direction

because this rain means nothing

if I do not sow myself.

There will be nothing to reap

if I am always keeping my head just above the water.

Are you listening god?

Take this summertime breeze and make it move me

let my concrete feet not be the part of me planted

make this summertime storm

shake my bones until I am

clean again.