• kendrapiper

A Writer’s Must Haves

As writers, we all have our must haves for helping the writing process go smoothly.

So, I wanted to know what some of these were for the poets in the poetry community that we all know and love on Instagram!

Here are some of my favourite answers:

A personal Instagram account.

Sometimes I feel like I need to shut my brain off and escape the poetry community for awhile. I have another personal account where I don’t follow any poetry accounts, it definitely helps the writing process. - @k.fuir

Bulletproof coffee!

It has good fat and brain octane for the mind to work at its best. - @theimpossiblewriter

A specific matching pen and notebook.

They’re kind of the key to my creativity door. My brain’s way of saying, “Okay, I see what we’re doing.” And if they don’t match I get distracted. - @madison__wells


I feel like a good hook, melody, or note/chord progression can trigger inspiration. - @lax_poetic

A cultivated space.

A space where I feel at peace. Somewhere I can create atmosphere with mood music, candles, and coziness. Sometimes that place is outside. Especially in autumn. - @alchemical.poetica

A notebook.

I think a notebook is a necessity for me. Most of my writing is done on my phone or laptop but I always have a notebook nearby. There’s something really intimate and timeless about writing your thoughts on paper. There are less distractions and physically writing allows me to revisit the simplicity of self expression through words. Also, I find that writing in a notebook helps me to slow down and really think about how I’m feeling and what is going on around me at any given time. And I believe that being able stop and analyze the smallest details of a moment is an important skill to writing, especially poetry. - @susurruspoetry


The flow of an orchestral piece. Closing your eyes in the dark and watching them take flight. Take shape. Knowing that i have the ability - the gift - to give them that. Notes from a violin forming the hand of a man who loves you. - @the.saint.atlas


I need to read in order to write. There is something about not reading for a long time that just throws off my entire writing flow, honestly. - @morethanaflower


Also, my phone. When words just start coming, I have to be able to put them somewhere immediately! - @morethanaflower

Thank you, to everyone who took the time to help me out and I hope everyone enjoyed this post! Leave a comment and let us know if you have a must have item to help your writing process go smoothly! We'd love to hear about it!