• Sithara Palavar

5 Ways To Get Inspired

We all suffer through writer's block every now and then so, we've put together a list of ways to help you get rid of the block and get you back into the writing game!

1. Blackout Poetry

Opening a book to a random page and turning a selection of words into poetry is always a great way to get your creative juices flowing! Who knows, maybe the topic of your blackout poem might inspire you to write whole slew of new poetry! Below is a simple and beautiful example of blackout poetry from @teacup_13's instagram account:

2. Music

Actively listening to music is a lovely way to get inspired. Listen to the lyrics intently, pay attention to the way the beat makes you feel, any memories the song brings up, etc! Write it down, express it, see where it leads.

3. Books, Shows and Movies

Reading a book, watching a TV show, or movie can also give you something to write about. It gives you insight into new situations and scenarios. It's a writing prompt wrapped in a fun way to pass time!

4. Prompts

Writing prompts can be found anywhere - google, tumblr, instagram, etc! There are so many great prompts you can find with interesting topics that can challenge you and get you writing. You can check out this blog post full of prompts for the month of September!

5. Other Poetry, Short Stories and Art

Drawing inspiration from other people's work can be quite helpful. Follow writing blogs, art blogs, anything creative. Pretty words and pretty pictures have a strange way of affecting the way we look at things and evoking emotions worth expressing. If you're looking for some writing accounts to follow you can check out this article about some amazing upcoming poets!

We hope this article helps you get out of your rut, now go out there and get some writing done!