• Sithara Palavar

3 Ways to Write Your Ex A Letter

Every now and then, everyone gets the urge to send their ex some type of message. Now I wouldn't advise that you actually send the letter because that's probably not very healthy, however, writing a letter can be quite therapeutic and help you get over them so it is advisable to just write the letter and maybe throw it away. Whether it's because you're mad at them, because you miss them or because you're heartbroken, this is your guide to how to write a letter to your ex.

1. The Angry Letter

"You know what, I'm glad you broke up with me. I deserve better."

It's quite common for people to feel like they gave so much love to their ex that was just never returned. That's okay, that's their loss anyway. And that's exactly what you're going to write in this letter. Everything they've done to hurt you over the time you spent with them, everything that ever made you feel like you were doing something wrong. Get it all off your chest. And then let them know that you know what you're worth. And that you are worth the moon and the stars and everything in between and if they couldn't see that then that's okay because you're going to find someone who does see it.

2. The Love Letter

"I wish you were here, it doesn't feel the same without you."

As you're writing this letter you're only going to be reflecting on the good parts of the relationship. This letter will be filled with nostalgia and happy memories and I think it's important to put those memories into perspective once the letter has been written and really try to remember, not only the good, but also the bad memories. There's a high chance you miss the relationship and not the person and I think when you're finished writing the letter you should read over it again just to get some closure with yourself as to where you stand with your ex. The most important thing to remember while writing this letter is not to put yourself down or blame yourself too much for how the relationship ended. You are only human and you will make mistakes and that is okay, so long as you accept the mistake and grow from it. Some people don't stay and that's okay.

3. The Heartbroken Letter

"Where'd you go? Why'd you leave me?"

Those are probably the questions you're going to ask trying to get some closure. You're probably just trying to pick up the pieces they left you with but the pieces don't make sense. Chances are you're not going to find the answer to your questions but maybe writing them out will help you decipher where things went wrong and prepare you for future relationships. In this letter you're probably going to ask things like "Why wasn't I good enough?" so I'm going to emphasise the importance of adding a little self-love to this letter. Anytime you catch yourself asking what you could've done better maybe replace that "I" with a "We". Relationships are a two way street and it's important to remember that while writing this letter.

My general advice to everyone would just be to write what you feel and write every thought that pops into your mind regarding the relationship while writing your letters and just try to get everything off your chest. Even if you feel like you're not making sense, it's okay. Just go where your heart takes you and eat some ice cream knowing that you'll be just fine.